OKONTO and ITI Capital successfully complete pre-IPO placement of Gett shares

January 29, 2020

The OKONTO, DVC Drive Tech Fund SP and ITI Capital have successfully hosted the pre-IPO placement of Gett shares at the end of 2019. The first pre-IPO on OKONTO platform was supported by private and professional investors from 12 countries with a total investment of over EUR 20 million.

OKONTO and ITI Capital successfully complete pre-IPO placement of Gett shares

OKONTO provided an opportunity for private investors to participate in pre-IPO for the first time and allowed them to take advantage of the share value growth potential of a well-known company well before its public offering. The minimum amount for participation at the Gett pre-IPO was set at EUR 415. The GTT Tokens acquired by the investors are to be exchanged for Gett shares after the IPO is concluded in 2020.

We thank all the investors and everyone who helped with the first OKONTO pre-IPO campaign. Your contribution and support open up new horizons for future investment campaigns and new investment opportunities.

Soon it will be possible to participate in new pre-IPO investment campaigns of top global companies. Both private individuals and legal entities, as well as professional investors, will be able to take part. In order not to miss the start of these campaigns, please create your OKONTO account. Signing up your account takes a few minutes. In order to provide an easy and successful investment experience, new campaigns will take the form of placing digital investment notes instead of tokens, and the minimum cost of buying shares will be significantly reduced.

Pre-IPO investments is one of the main Fintech trends of 2020. Participating in a pre-IPO is being considered to be a sound investment opportunity, as the equity of a company undergoing an IPO is sold cheaper and investors participate earlier in the event.

OKONTO is operating as a financial institution and the company's activities are regulated by the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit under the provisions of the Money Laundering and the Terrorist Financing Prevention Act. The company holds valid licenses, which allow it to work as a financial organization, render the services of a digital currency wallet provider, investment platform and investment notes issuer.