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Crypto asset custody

Segregated cold storage insured and protected by leading security standards

The service provides access to a secure, institutional-grade solution to take your cryptocurrencies off the exchange and store them offline for maximum security. Crypto asset custody service operates as a separate independent company of CEX.IO Group, certified as a qualified custodian in the European Union and United States (inlcuding MTL license).

Crypto assets insurance

All digital assets of clients are insured in accordance with the provisions of service licenses.

Support for most crypto assets

The service is designed to store all popular cryptocurrencies and  new assets upon customer request.

Secure physical access

A number of security measures, including armed personnel, provide full protection against unauthorized physical access.

Segregated cold storage

Secure storage modules are distributed across multiple jurisdictions in separate geographic locations.

Private keys encryption

Cold wallet private keys and backup seeds are always stored encrypted on offline secure devices called HSM.

Financial control

Regular independent financial audits and reports to HMRC and IRS as a US and UK company.

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