Platform for business

OTC trading

Personalized over-the-counter service for trades over 10 BTC

The personalized OTC service is the ideal solution if you need to exchange larger amounts of crypto assets with a guarantee of security, price and liquidity, as well as with full accounting and under the contract. By using this service you get a direct contact with us, entrust the exchange to the OTC operator and recieve a fast exchange on best terms.

Maximum liquidity

Liquidity and reliability of trading operations is ensured by our aggregator connected to the TOP 10 exchanges, which eliminates slippage and limits.

Fast exchanges

All exchanges are made within the agreed period of time, usually within one hour, with the instant crediting of funds to your account or wallet.

Any currencies

Buy or sell any cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, USDT, etc.) for euros or US dollars, or exchange one crypto asset for another.

No extra charge

OTC service is free, but all exchanges are subject to standard service fees, the same as the regular exchanges.

Security and guarantees

OKONTO is part of the CEX.IO Group, which operates hundreds of millions of euros in monthly turnover.

Business API

The trading APIs enables the automation of personal exchanges or the provision of crypto exchange as a service.

Apply for service

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