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Take advantage of the opportunity to invest in security tokens — premium assets of leading companies previously out of reach, alongside institutional investors and investment funds.

The Gett Security Token Offering (STO) will start in 0 days 00:00:00

The Gett Security Token Offering (STO) is now open until the 15th of November

All-in-one digital securities platform for compliant investments through security token offering

What is an STO

STO (Security Token Offering) is a form of equity financing for a company by distributing tokenized securities (security tokens) to both private and qualified investors.

Asset-backed securities

Security tokens represent company real shares and provide the investor with all ownership rights as a shareholder. Unlike traditional equity offers, STO eliminates complex and lengthy processes involving multiple parties and high expenses, thereby providing a low barrier for entry.

Compliant and regulated

Security Token Offerings are fully comply with securities law and all regulatory requirements, including KYC/AML, in order to be safe and trustworthy to investors.

STO Listings

Active and upcoming investment campaigns.

Invest in Gett

Global ride hailing and delivery service previously known as GetTaxi

  • 48 192 GTT Soft Cap
  • 415 € minimum investment
  • Nov. 15, 18:00 (EEST) is the last day

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