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Global ride hailing and delivery service previously known as GetTaxi

Investment opportunity

OKONTO provides a unique opportunity to gain exposure to previously unavailable pre-IPO shares of Gett alongside professional institutional investors and well-known global companies. OKONTO issues digital securities (GTT security tokens) backed by DVC Drive Tech Fund SP ("Drive Tech") shares, which have exposure to preferred shares of Gett and its affiliates.

Gett is planning for an initial public offering (IPO) in due course, which, according to press reports, may take place in the first quarter of 2020. When the company floats, GTT tokens will be converted into Drive Tech shares, which, subject to subsequent actions by third parties, are expected to be in turn converted into shares of Gett and credited to the brokerage accounts of investors. OKONTO will also provide an opportunity to exchange GTT tokens on the platform at the current stock price.

Both private and professional investors can take advantage of this opportunity to gain exposure to shares of Gett at a valuation of USD 1 billion. In accordance with the requirements of the Estonian Securities Act, the total pool size for non-qualified investors is limited to 2 499 999 EUR.

The issuance of tokens on the licensed OKONTO platform allows to conduct an investment transaction as effectively and quickly as possible. A single user interface includes identity verification, payments, paperwork, and a user account.

Company Overview

  • Gett was founded in 2010 and currently operates directly in four countries: US, UK, Israel, and Russia — and more than 120 cities, including London, Moscow, and New York.
  • Gett is Europe’s largest on-demand car service company by revenues with over 50M rides per year.
  • Global leader in corporate ground travel: 20 000 corporates worldwide, including Google and Volkswagen already use the frictionless, end-to-end service from Gett Business Solutions.
  • Gett Business Solutions sets a new standard for corporate ground transportation enabling companies and riders to book rides and track expenses worldwide through a single platform.
  • Gett has raised more than USD 700M in total funding, with USD 300M+ coming from the world's #1 carmaker, Volkswagen.

Competitive Landscape

GettUBERlyftolaDiDiGrabYandex Taxi
Core marketsUSA, Europe, Israel RussiaGlobalUSAIndiaChinaSoutheast AsiaRussia
Area of operations120+ cities in 4 countries600 cities in 65 countries300 cities in US and 2 in Canada169 cities400 cities168 cities300 cities
Last Round Valuation$1.5 bn$72 bn$24,2 bn$5.7 bn$56 bn$14 bnOwned by Yandex

Leading Investors

Geographical Presence

Currently, Gett operates in four major markets: the US, UK, Israel and Russia and is considering offering new products in several additional markets to maintain strong growth and development.

Geographical Presence and B2B Client Coverage

Geographical presence

  • 2 continents
  • 4 countries

Executive Team

Dave Waiser

Dave Waiser

Founder and CEO

Serial entrepreneur in the US and internationally. Founded Loyalize, loyalty start-up based in San Francisco, which was acquired by Viggle (NASDAQ: VGGL). Previously CEO-Russia at Comverse (NASDAQ:CMVT). Founded the office and grew revenues above $300m in 5 years.


Max Krasnykh

Max Krasnykh


Previously Director at Intel Corporation & PwC. Led over 30 projects in strategy, investment and operations with a focus on technology and media. Columbia Business School.


Matteo de Renzi

Matteo de Renzi

CEO Western Europe

Previously Implementation Lead at McKinsey & Company, Operations Director at Pirelli Tyres and Analyst at Goldman Sachs.
Università di Pisa.


Mark Oun

Mark Oun

CEO Israel

Previously Head of Corporate Solutions at Gett and Head Of Sales at Pelephone.
Peres Academic Center.



Gett raises $200M at $1.5B valuation for its B2B ride-hailing service, aims for 2020 IPO

Gett raises $200M at $1.5B valuation for its B2B ride-hailing service, aims for 2020 IPOr

TechCrunch · May 7, 2019

Gett, the ride-hailing startup that focuses primarily on the business market, has picked up $200 million in a mix of debt and equity at a post-money valuation of $1.5 billion.

Gett looks to join taxi-hailing rush to IPO

Gett looks to join taxi-hailing rush to IPO

Financial Times · Mar 18, 2019

Taxi-hailing company Gett, which anticipates becoming profitable later this year, is planning an initial public offering to cash in on appetite for listings of ride-booking companies.

Gett revenue totals $1B, seeks profitability in 2019, investor says

Gett revenue totals $1b, seeks profitability in 2019, investor says

The Times of Israel · Aug 16, 2018

Stockholm-listed investor Vostok New Ventures says the ride-sharing firm performs 100 million rides per year globally.

Gett raises $80M led by VW at a $1.4B valuation, says it will be profitable by Q1 of next year

Gett raises $80M led by VW at a $1.4B valuation, says it will be profitable by Q1 of next year

TechCrunch · Jun 7, 2018

While Uber is growing its business with a net loss on its balance sheet, a smaller rival has confirmed a round of funding, and projects that it will be profitable by Q1 of next year.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a GTT token?
GTT tokens are security tokens that have exposure to shares of Gett (and its affiliates) and are issued by OKONTO. If Gett makes an initial public offering of its shares or is acquired, GTT tokens will, subject to subsequent actions and consents by third-parties, including Gett, be converted into Class A Participating Shares of Drive Tech. Drive Tech has exposure to Gett, so GTT token holders are expected to benefit from future cashflows from the initial public offering of Gett or the acquisition. Tokenization of assets is the process of issuing and accounting for a digital liability. Tokenization in general is the ability to divide the underlying asset into small units, which makes it more liquid and accessible to investors ("fractional ownership"). The use of blockchain technology provides fast, reliable, and transparent transactions in security tokens, eliminates links in the chain of intermediaries, and reduces commissions and total transaction costs.
What is an STO and security tokens?
An STO (Security Token Offerings) is a form of financing for a company by distributing tokenized securities (security tokens) to investors. Security tokens certify ownership and give the owners the right to realize their investment interests (the right to dividends, a share of profits, etc.). Security tokens are issued in accordance with the legal regulations of the jurisdictions of both the issuer and investors.
What is a digital asset purchase agreement?
The digital asset purchase agreement grants the investor the right to purchase GTT tokens, which, in accordance with the agreement, are converted into Gett shares (GT Gettaxi Limited) at a fixed rate at the time of purchase. The terms of the agreement are available on the token purchase page.
What is blockchain and how it works?


A blockchain is composed of blocks. Each block represent an investment transaction.

Block Payload

The block payload contains all the information about the transaction. The following fields compose the block payload:

Index of the block in blockchain
Epoch timestamp of when the block was created
Customer id
Token identifier
Type of transaction
Number of units
Price per unit
Nonce, randomly generated number
Id of the previous block
Signature of the block

Below is an example representation of a block header in JSON containing all fields described above.

	"index": 10,
	"timestamp": 1555359882,
	"customer": 83,
	"token": "GTT",
	"type": "regular",
	"units": 1,
	"price": "415.00",
	"nonce": 31083,
	"prev_block_id": "f8dc69d6bc80b858a5f8a0b1558fad52cf1473efadecb49a4190b53892848704",
	"sig": "GHc5X0kSaz291YzMa0A3WHRlGvczCS6xBfx3LrJWR6aL6AGkp24vvYBPmsoV9FC3ppuQ++pTCe0XgQkXH4FCBoOdMhfOaRQFZnVrxkjg4dMuUieofG87+BK0FFxKRln9yPORldpO8ElX74toJxf2VM8n7IIZ+vYzpeTXU0+CbN0="

Block Signing

Every block, regardless of the type, must be signed by the authority. The process of signing the transaction is identical for every block.

A signature is created by using a string of every parameter in the request (except the Signature parameter itself) in the following form <index>; <timestamp>; <customer>; <token>; <type>; <units>; <price>; <nonce>; <prev_block_id>. After it's properly formatted, it is hashed using the SHA-256 algorithm, and this hash is signed using the key pair of the authority.

A signed block generates its blockId using the following flow:

block_id = SHA-256(<index>;<timestamp>;<customer>;<token>;<type>;<units>;<price>;<nonce>;<prev_block_id>;<sig>)

The following public key may be used to verify blocks signatures:

-----END PUBLIC KEY-----
What is an IPO?

An IPO is the initial public offering of shares of a company. "Going public" offers several advantages, such as:

  • Attracting money on more favourable terms than private companies. The public status not only allows the company to access a new source of financing, but also facilitates procurement of traditional credit resources.
  • Maximization of shareholder value. The share price of a publicly traded company is, by definition, its market value. If a company operates efficiently, shows high growth rates of both production and financial indicators, is open and transparent, its shares are attractive to investors, which means they grow in value.
  • Increased recognition and prestige. Strong corporate governance at public companies increases shareholder value, as does the enhanced visibility and prestige associated with being publicly traded. The law obliges the public company to conduct regular audits, which means that its financial activities are more transparent. Often there is an independent member of the board of directors, which makes foreign investors more confident in the company.
What is a pre-IPO?
Pre-IPO is a pre-sale of the company's shares to a limited circle of investors immediately before a public offering. The large amount of investment provides that the price paid for pre-IPO shares is much less than the estimated price at the time of the IPO.
What is DVC Drive Tech Fund SP and how is it related to Gett?
DVC Drive Tech Fund SP is an investment fund whose purpose is to hold securities of Gett (GT Gettaxi Limited) and its affiliates, either directly or via a Cayman-organized special purpose vehicle. The fund is managed by Da Vinci Capital Management Limited and is a segregated portfolio of ITI Funds SPC, a multi-fund platform organized under the laws of the Cayman Islands.
What is the OKONTO role in the token sales?
OKONTO organises sales of GTT tokens on the basis of an agreement with the Investment Fund. The investment fund is an investor in Gett (GT Gettaxi Limited). OKONTO bought the shares of the investment fund under the terms of the investment memorandum. After the shares of GT Gettaxi Limited are accrued by the fund, the shares will be distributed to all investors.
How is investor funds protected?
Funds from Investors will be initially held in a segregated client account (CASS) in the name of OKONTO with ITI Capital Limited, which is an FCA-licensed brokerage firm in the United Kingdom. The use of a CASS account ensures asset protection for token investors.

Purchasing tokens

How to purchase GTT tokens?
What are the minimum and maximum purchase limits?

The limits for the GTT tokens purchase depend on the type of investor.

Limits for a private investor:

  • The minimum amount is 415 EUR
  • The maximum amount is 99 600 EUR

Limits for a professional investor:

  • The minimum amount is — 415 EUR
  • The maximum amount is limited by the available amount of tokens of the total pool

In accordance with the requirements of the Estonian Securities Act (§12, Public offer of securities), the size of the total pool for private investors is limited to 2 499 960 EUR.

Hard Cap of the offering pool is limited to 20% of the total Drive Tech Fund shares holding while current Soft Cap for professional investors is set at 48 192 tokens.

Who is considered a professional investor?

Professional investor is a natural or legal person who has experience and knowledge in investing, which is sufficient to make independent investment decisions and understand the risks. To qualify as a professional investor, in accordance with the Securities Market Act and MiFID (EU Directive: 2004/39/EC), on the tokens purchase page, investor must submit an application to confirm the status of professional investor. If necessary, OKONTO has the right to request additional confirmation of the status of a professional investor.

Which payment methods are accepted?
On order to purchase tokens you need to top up the EUR wallet.
You can do this via bank transfer, credit card or transfer a cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, LTC or USDT) and exchange it for euros.
Residents of which countries can become investors?

Investors may be residents or legal entities of the European Economic Union countries, Switzerland and others.

Residents or legal entities of the following countries cannot become investors: USA, Canada, Japan, Serbia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Cuba, Ethiopia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Nigeria, Oman, South Sudan, Sudan, Uganda, Vanuatu, Bahamas Islands, Botswana, North Korea, Ghana, Iran, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Syria, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt, China, United Arab Emirates, Namibia, Macedonia, Ecuador, Morocco, Nepal, Bolivia, Algeria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Iraq, Iceland, Cambodia.

How will an investor recieve Gett shares after the company's IPO?
When acquiring GTT tokens in the amount of 100 000 EUR or more, Gett shares will be credited to the brokerage account of the investor. In case of a smaller investment, as well as at the request of the investor, GTT tokens will be purchased by OKONTO at the current exchange rate without a commission.
Can an investor resell GTT tokens after purchase?
Secondary market for GTT tokens is currently not provided.

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OKONTO OÜ ("OKONTO") is acting as the issuer of tokens and the technology provider of the trading platform. Upon conversion of GTT security tokens into Class A Participating Shares of Drive Tech, ITI Capital Limited or its affiliates will act as a nominee holder of such Class A Participating Shares, which will be held in the name of ITI Capital Limited or its affiliates by the fund's administrator. Da Vinci Capital Management is the investment manager of Drive Tech Fund SP.

Prospective investors will liaise solely with OKONTO in respect to purchase of the digital tokens.

This information does not represent a solicitation or a promotion of the investment opportunity by ITI Capital Limited, ITI Funds SPC, Da Vinci Capital Management Limited, or any of their respective affiliates, and is presented for informational purposes only. Any investment may be made only on reliance of the information set out in the token sale agreement. Investors may not rely on any other written or oral statements or representations.